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Welcome to the FDLRS-UM MDC Portal

Latest News

  • Food Assistance (SNAP), Medicaid, and Temporary Cash Assistance Extension

    The deadline for current recipients to complete the September 2017 renewal/recertification process has been extended for one month, from 9/30/17 to 10/31/17. If your benefits were due to expire in September; they will now expire in October 2017.

    This extension is for ALL PROGRAMS:

    • Food Assistance (SNAP)
    • Medicaid
    • Temporary Cash Assistance


    Recipients who have not yet submitted a renewal/recertification must still submit one by 10/15/17 to continue receiving benefits timely after 10/31/17. You may do this by going online in your MyACCESS Account or by calling 1-866-762-2237 to request an application.

    For those who have already submitted a renewal/recertification and are in the process, the deadline to submit any required verifications is extended to 10/31/17.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual Assistance Programs

    If your county receives an Individual Assistance designation, these FEMA Programs are available to those who are eligible. You are eligible if you are a disaster-impacted individual with expenses not covered by insurance. Read More

  • Responding to Disasters

    Supporting Children and Youth Displaced by Disasters: Five Key Policies for Schools. Read More

Linda Ray Intervention Center

"Brighter Tomorrows for Miami's At-Risk Children and Families"

The Linda Ray Intervention Center is a University-based Multidisciplinary Educational Service Center within the Department of Education’s Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System. Additionally, the LRIC is one of the five Early Intervention Birth-Two Programs in Miami within the state’s Early Steps program for young children with disabilities. The LRIC is part of the Department of Psychology within the College of Arts and Sciences. Our mission is to support and facilitate positive developmental outcomes with high quality services, thereby improving young children’s school readiness, and future student achievement.

In the Spotlight

Coach K Childrens Movement

Mike Krzyzewski (also known as "Coach K") is among the greatest coaches in basketball history having led the Blue Devils to five national championships during his 35 years at Duke. On the court, Coach K is a legend. Off the court, he is an advocate for the early childhood years. This piece from Coach K draws a clear metaphor between the game he knows and loves... and the early childhood years. You'll enjoy reading.

Court Model

A Handbook for Clinicians Essential Elements and Implementation Guidance

PDF Information: (L) "A Handbook for Clinicians" and (R) "Essential Elements and Implementation Guidance" from The Miami Child Well-Being Court Model.

Resource Links

Additional Support comes from the following programs

  • The Children's Trust
  • Centers for disease control and prevention
  • Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe
  • DadeSchools.net